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Gel Bottle


ICE COLD MUGS KEEP YOUR BEVERAGES COLDER LONGER – Keep your beverages Ice Cold with these Double Walled Gel Freezer Mugs! A great way to cool down after a long day or being out in the sun.
PERFECT FOR BEER, SODA, WATER – and many other beverages! Perfect for around the Pool or Patio. Great frosty mugs to take out of the freezer and enjoy with your favorite beverages.
For the best results, place your mug in freezer compartment of your refrigerator for 2-4 hours , when the liquid appear frozen , remove it from the freezer and fill it with your favorite drink. Feel free to freeze and RE-FREEZE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN.
Designed to be used for cold beverages only. Do not freeze below 14 degrees Farenhit.

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