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Skoother Skin Smoother and Callus Remover Quickly Smooth Rough Skin Calluses


“The SKOOTHER Skin Smoother is the fastest and most effective way to smooth rough skin and callouses. Skoother Skin Smoother as seen on TV secret lies in its micro-abrasive smoothing screen. Made of waterproof, flexible silicone carbide mesh, the SKOOTHER gives you the precise control to quickly and easily remove and smoother just the Right amount of calluses, rough skin without worry of accidentally gouging too deep into the fresh skin underneath. The ergonomically designed SKOOTHER fits nicely in your hand, is easy to use and works wonderfully on feet, elbows, knew and hands – virtually anywhere you need to smooth rough callused skin! No batteries needed. Easy to clean. Includes SKOOTHER, 1 fine screen for elbows, knee and hands, 1 coarse screen for rough callused feet and heels. Different screen for just the right amount of smoothing! Gently Smoother Rough & Callused SkinTough but Gentle On Sensitive SkinSafe & Effective Dermabrasive Foot FilePain-Free Skin Smoothing, Resulting in Younger-Looking, Smoother, Softer SkinSkoother is the fast and effective way to gently smooth rough and callused skin on your feet, hands, elbows, and knees.Your skin will look younger and feel smoother with this simple, pain-free process!The Skoother Smoothing Screen is tough enough to take on dry, cracked calluses on hands & feet, yet gentle enough to smooth sensitive areas like elbows & knees.The flexible, waterproof smoothing screen also allows fine particles of exfoliated skin to easily pass through the mesh without clogging.”

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