Top 5 Tips while Choosing the Best Digital Photo Frames

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May 2, 2017
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Top 5 Tips while Choosing the Best Digital Photo Frames

Since this is a technological era with all the modern & high end features extending towards almost everything then why leave the old school photo frames behind? The hi-tech mechanism is now making even the photo frames all digital and functional.

These pop in memory cards, create cool slideshows and display multiple pictures/ videos along with music of your choice with wireless connectivity. But what are the most significant tips to regard while choosing a digital photo frame? Read further!

1) Do Your Homework Right: This advice implies to any technological gadget that you would want to purchase, as a bit of background study is always recommendable. It is a wise task to check for the offered features and other necessary details to know what you are about to pay for.

2) Screen Size and Resolution: There are certain features & considerations that you might want to look out for before buying. For instance, it’s important to know the size that your digital photo frame measures to identify how the pictures would be displayed. The more the size, the more you pay! And the most popular sizes remain between 7 inches to 15 inches.

You might also want to consider the screen resolution to exhibit crisp, detailed and superior photographs. Resolution is basically the number of pixels that the frame can display and 800×600 usually remains a standard one. But it all depends on you!

3) Aspect Ratio: Knowing about the other features like aspect ratio (relationship between the image height & width) is also necessary to get the most of your photos. Most pictures fit in to the 4:6 AR whereas 16:9 requires some cropping but gives a rich look. AR needs to be perfectly chosen to give your pictures an appealing look and avoid the unnecessary black or white bars on the sides.

4) Other Features: There are a few more features that you would want to consider while buying a digital photo frame. Those are:

  • The power sources – Battery or Electric;
  • Supported image formats;
  • Remote control/ manual operation;
  • Audio support & Video playback
  • USB ports & Storage;
  • Any built in editing software;
  • Slideshow functionality;
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Screen type – LCD/ TFT/ OLED etc;
  • Portrait or Landscape orientation of the frame

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5) Consider The User: Buying a high end digital photo frame for a novice user makes it a worthless experience so considering the user is really important. Not only do you save money that way but also make the recipient happy to use the product.

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