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    Foam Rust Remover Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaning Powder ( Pack of 1 )

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    Product Name: Foam Rust Remover Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaning Powder

    Package Contains: 1 Powder, Material: Others, Color: Color as per availability LxWxH : 17*15*10, Weight: 400 gms

    Say Goodbye to Stubborn Rust and Grime: Discover the Power of Our All-Purpose Foam Rust Remover for Kitchen Woes!

    This cleaning powder for grease is a powerful solution for your cleaning needs. It can penetrate the stain and dissolve the grease quickly and effectively. It is harmless to the human body and does not damage the surface of the object. It can maintain the original texture and color of your floors, furniture, kitchenware, and more.

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    Stain Removal: Formulated with oxidizing agents that break down oil and impurities, this cleaning agent creates oxygen bubbles that penetrate the stain and lift it away, leaving your kitchen utensils looking brand new.

    Keep Your Kitchenware Clean: This heavy oil cleaning agent contains no harmful substances and is non-irritating to the skin. It is harmless to the human body and can remove limescale and water stains effectively. 

    Maintain The Original Texture: This heavy oil cleaning agent can remove stubborn grease and stains without damaging your kitchen utensils. It also prevents the cookware from rusting, prolongs the life of the cookware, and maintains the original texture and color.


    Effortless Cleaning: With this Heavy Oil Cleaning Agent, you can easily remove stubborn grease from your kitchen utensils. Just pour the powder into the water, stir well, and soak the utensils in the solution. After a while, you can wipe them gently to clean.

     Widely Used: This heavy oil cleaning agent can remove all kinds of stubborn stains and odors from your floors, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, walls, and other items. Whether it is grease, dirt, or rust, this product can handle it with ease.

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    Foam Rust Remover Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaning Powder ( Pack of 1 )



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